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Only available in the U.S.

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The premium AI robot vacuum.

Learns during each cleaning. Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum Ultra edition ensures you a cleaner floor while protecting your home when you're away.
All you need in one.

At $499.99, you'll experience the clean.

Air freshener & laser pointer accessory bundle.

Goodbye pet hair with powerful suction.

Protecting your home when you're away.

How it works

This human-in dog outfit, Spot, meets Trifo Lucy robot vacuum Ultra edition.

I'm the AI robot vacuum for
a cleaner and safer home.

Pair Trifo Lucy Ultra edition with its sidekick, Trifo Home app. 



Clean up with 4,000Pa suction power, saving you more time and energy. Perfect for hardwood flooring, carpet, and tile.



Lucy Ultra edition robot vacuum eliminates odors in the room with an air freshener, while entertaining your pet with a laser pointer. 



The Day & Night Camera with Motion Detection alerts you to movements at home, so you can respond right from the Trifo Home app.



Lucy Ultra edition uses its dual cameras to pinpoint its precise location in your home, and can recognize 70 different types of objects.



Sucton Power

Pet hair, your hair, and all the dust. I can handle them all.

Lucy Ultra has a 120-minute runtime and industry leading 4,000Pa* suction which allows it to vacuum up more hair from your hardwood floor, carpet, and tile, so you can enjoy your daily life without worries or mess. The Trifo Lucy Ultra robot vacuum also comes with interchangeable mopping pads to help mop your hardwood floors or tiles!

Lucy robot vacuum Trifo Doggo
Lucy robot vacuum cat
Trifo Lucy and Spot the dog_edited.jpg

With the pet hair extractor, you won't have to worry about cleaning the brush.

With the interchangeable extractors, you can customize your robot vacuum to match your needs, whether it's to reach dirt or pet hair.

Eliminate grime with our changeable mopping pads, keeping your floor squeaky clean at all times. 

The Trifo Lucy robot vacuum Ultra edition comes with 3-mopping pads to ensure spotless floors every time. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 2.33.20 PM.png

2-in-1 Robot Vacuum.
Trifo Lucy vacuums and mops.

*Compared to robot vacuums that have 1080P Full HD camera, Time-of-Flight sensors, motion detection alerts, mopping features, and a laser pointer with air freshener.

Baby With Shoes

For their little feet and their playing floors. 

Trifo Lucy Ultra edition AI robot vacuum ensures you premium quality from start to finish. Protect the little ones, your furry friends, and yourself while you keep your home clean. Lucy Ultra comes with the 4000Pa suction, hair extractor, air freshener, and home protection security surveillance. All you need in one robot vacuum. 


Save $300

Imagine cleaner carpets and fresher air.

Fun & Fresh Poiner

Turning the "what if" into reality is what I do. 

Trifo Lucy robot vacuum Ultra edition introduces the Fun and Fresh Pointer, the robot vacuum with an automatic air refresher and controllable pointer.  Vacuuming the floor with a nice scent gives you a literal breath of fresh air.

Lucy Ultra edition's powerful 4,000Pa suction teams up with its automatic air freshener to keep your floors looking and smelling fresher than ever.

With its built-in laser pointer, your pets will be entertained while your floors get cleaned.

Adorable retrievers enjoying the laser pointer.

Happy Childhood

Wherever you are, enjoy more time with your loved ones.

Trifo Lucy Ultra edition AI robot vacuum cleaner. Complete with the Trifo special pet hair extractor, air freshener, and laser pointer.


Save $300

Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuu Ultra Edition Pet Poop Avoidance

Object Recognition & Detection

Object Recog & Avoid

My mapping and detection skills are like no other.

Powered by the industry's first dual cameras and Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth sensors, Trifo Lucy robot vacuum Ultra edition is the robot vacuum for precise home mapping and object avoidance. Experience the best with Lucy Ultra edition, the AI robot vacuum.

Best Buddies

POOwerful Avoidance.

Tested in the real world, designed for real accidents. Lucy Ultra edition robot vacuum cleaner recognizes and avoids pet accidents like a pro.

Stair case detection robot vacuum Lucy Ultra Trifo

Knows the Danger.

Lucy Ultra edition's ToF sensors help Lucy to navigate the home more efficiently when it facing "danger zones," like your staircases. 


Captures all the debris and dust, except the "little" accidents.

Trifo Lucy robot vacuum Ultra edition avoids pet wastes, recognize stairs, and can see objects as small as 1-inch. Trifo Lucy comes with special pet hair extractor, air freshener, and laser pointer.


Save $300

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 2.49.30 PM.png
Trifo home app
Lucy Robot Vacuum Kids Friendly



Lucy Ultra edition sees its soundings in 3D with AI object recognition and ToF sensor, providing precise obstacle avoidance for smoother navigation around your unique home. 

Detects objects as small as 1 inch

The ToF camera scans the room and detects objects as small as 1 inch, providing you with a peace of mind when your little puppy makes accidents around the house. Lucy Ultra edition will avoid them like a pro.


Protecting your home when you're away is my priority.

Home alone or away from home? With the 24/7 day and night camera and motion detector, Trifo Lucy Ultra edition helps protect your home when you're away.

Lucy Ultra AI Robot Vacuum Home Protection

Trifo Lucy Ultra edition can protect your home by sending out motion alerts straight to your Trifo Home app.

Privacy matters. The day and night camera and motion detector alerts are all optional settings. You can control the settings with the Trifo Home app. 

Home Protection

House protection and house cleaning. The ultimate bundle of all time.

The groundbreaking technology and an elegant design, the Lucy Ultra edition is our smartest, most powerful robot vacuum yet. Pair it with the ultimate robot mop and air freshener for our most advanced bundle. 


Save $300

Cyan Purple and Pink Cosmic Chrome  Neon Phone Wallpaper.png
Privacy Trifo Inc.


Privacy is the key foundation when you have a camera roaming and cleaning around your home. We design Trifo products to protect your privacy and give you control over your information. No images and videos are ever stored in any cloud system.


Save $400

*Compared to robot vacuums that have 1080P Full HD camera, Time-of-Flight sensors, motion detection alerts, mopping features, and a laser pointer with air freshener.

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